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New Year Skincare Resolution Plan - YA Beauty Blog

New Year Skincare Resolution Plan

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Skincare Resolution

As we prepare for the start of the new year, those of us who still believe in making resolutions may be thinking about what we want to change for the coming year. Maybe you plan to start exercising, eating healthier, spending more time with your family, or just trying to de-stress. Whatever your goals may be for 2019, your skin also deserves the same attention as other areas of your life. Therefore, we’re here to help you plan out your new year skincare resolution plan so that 2019 becomes the year of “wow, you look great. what’s your secret?”

Adopt a Daily Skincare Routine

First, if you don’t have a daily skincare routine, make sure to start now. Every woman and man should have a skincare routine that’s as much a part of your everyday life as brushing your teeth. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep it as simple as washing your face and moisturizing daily; if your skincare routine involves more than that, even better. But make sure you adopt a skincare routine that you can stick with every day of the year.

Wash your Face, Not Once but Twice

We can’t stress the importance of washing your face, not just once, but two times a day: in the morning and at night before going to bed. Our faces accumulate a lot of dirt and toxins which affect the quality of our skin. All this can lead to a build-up of bacteria.

Also, vow to never go to bed with your make up again. It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are, and how badly you want to go to bed. Always be sure to remove your makeup before snoozing. If you don’t, then all that lipstick, eyeshadow, any other cosmetics you used earlier in the day stay on your face and clogs up your pores, which can result in an acne breakout.

Therefore, wash your face daily, twice a day, preferably with an all natural product that gently exfoliates to remove dirt and oil.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day of the Year

If you didn’t do this already last year, make 2018 the year of, “I will wear SPF, every day, rain or shine.” The sun’s harmful UV rays don’t take time off during the winter months. Make sure to apply an SPF formula that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are the ones that cause sagging skin and wrinkles while UVB rays can lead to the formation of melanoma and skin cancer. So if you want to prevent premature aging and other more harmful conditions, make sure to wear your SPF daily.

Pamper Your Skin with a Mask

A mask is a great way to give your skin an added boost. On top of being relaxing, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve blood circulation, and clear up your pores. Apply a mask once a week or more if you prefer. We also recommend applying one before a special occasion if you want to go the extra mile. A mask can also be a great way to repair dull, tired, and damaged skin.

Eat the right foods

Great skin begins with the right foods. Be sure that you’re eating the right types of food by incorporating a well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein. Protein is especially important if you want to reduce collagen depletion. Collagen is the substance that gives our skin its elasticity and keeps it looking young and healthy. Avoid junk food like processed foods and too much sugar and alcohol. These foods can dehydrate our skin and cause inflammation. And while we’re on the subject of dehydration, make sure to drink plenty of water. It’s great for your skin and your overall health.

Get Skincare Advice

Finally, if you have a specific skincare issue, like dark spots and blemishes, or simply need help with choosing the right products for your skin type, make sure to speak with a skincare expert.

Receive a complimentary skin care analysis and start your new year with an easy to follow skincare plan.

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