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Is your Skin Summer Ready?

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June 6, 2017
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Surf, sun, the pool, barbecues, scorching temperatures, 4th of July, and the kids are home from school while you still have to go to work.

Yes, summer is officially here. Maybe you’re just getting over the fact that you were running around like a crazy person during the winter holiday season only to find yourself doing it again, except this time under much hotter temperatures.

Let’s face it. Summer can be just as busy with all the commitments and events going on like your friends barbecue or summer vacation that you’ve been planning all year. And maybe taking care of your skin is the last thing on your mind.

But summer is also a time during which a lot of us will be showing more skin. So even if you don’t feel “rested and relaxed,” by following a few simple routines you can get your skin summer ready.

So here they are:



Higher temperatures means more sweat and added toxins on the skin. Exfoliating works by removing dead skin cells and allowing new ones to regenerate.

Make sure you exfoliate first and follow it up by applying a hydrating moisturizer. Exfoliation not only helps seal in moisture but it also helps your makeup stay on longer.


Get a tan without the sun

Forget baking under the sun. The sun’s UV rays are harmful especially during the summer. Opt for sunless tanning options instead.  There are many options available and they provide a much safer alternative.

Some sunless tanning sprays can give your skin an unnatural tone so be sure to test out a little bit of product on a small area of your skin so that you know which one works with your skin’s natural color.


SPF is your new best friend

We know this one is a bit of a “well duh” but we can’t stress enough the importance of applying and re-applying your SPF. Even with waterproof SPFs you have to make sure that you’re re-applying after you get wet.

Be sure your SPF protects against both UVA and UVB rays. SPF should always be your bff.


Wear a big hat

Small hats like baseball caps aren’t large enough to cover your entire face. So the sun’s rays can still penetrate at an angle and leave you exposed.

Instead, wear a wide brim hat that covers your face completely. You’ll be protecting the skin on your face while looking glamorous and stylish.


Fight acne

Excess heat and sweat can produce the ripe conditions for acne breakouts. In fact, summer is when you’re more likely to suffer from acne breakouts in other parts of your body, also known as body acne

Be sure that you that have the right anti-acne treatment prepared so that you can enjoy clear skin all summer.


Drink red wine

A refreshing cocktail, a chilled glass of white wine, or a cold beer might be the more summer-like option. However, red wine contains natural anti-inflammatory qualities that can actually help with sunburns and other inflammatory skin issues.

So go ahead and open up that bottle of red this summer.


Don’t scratch those bites

If you want to reduce the chances of getting bites all together, don’t wear sweet smelling lotions or perfumes. Sweet scents have a tendency to attract bugs which makes you more susceptible to bites.

But if that’s not enough to prevent unwelcome affection from your insect friends, we’re here to tell you not to scratch. This only makes it worse and further irritates the affected area.

Instead, you can treat bug bites by applying a hydrocortisone based product. For a natural alternative, you can apply aloe vera or a small dab of honey which has natural anti-septic qualities.


Following these summer skincare tips is a sure way to ensure that your skin stays properly nourished and healthy so that you can look fabulous this summer and all year round.

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