Liposome New Year Special
January 3, 2018

Mimosa Mask & Mimosa Soap New Year Special

$64.29 $47.98


Mimosa Mask and Mimosa Soap for $47.98

(regular price $64.29, with savings $16.31)

Mimosa Mask

This is truly a soothing mask for damaged, tired skin. We’ve added the legendary powers of the Tenuiflora Plant…

learn more about the magical healing of mimosa tenuiflora by clicking here

Mimosa Soap

Yolanda Aguilar uses this 1,000-year-old element dating back to Pre-Colombian Mexico as the primary ingredient in her tissue-rejuvenating Mimosa Soap. Skin blemishes and large pores are significantly diminished. The appearance of the outer skin is made substantially smoother and radiant with the soap’s natural scrubbing, exfoliating and regenerating properties. KEY INGREDIENTS Mimosa Tenuiflora, widely known throughout Latin America as mimosa or by its indigenous name in the Aztec language of Náhuatl, Tepezcohuite (pronounced Te-PEZ-co-whee-tey), comes from the bark of a tree native to southern Mexico. Ground powder made from the “skin tree”, as it is commonly referred to in Mexico, is rich in key compounds including flavonoids that help diminish the capillary permeability in the skin and increases its resistance, protecting from aging. Mimosa also contains tannins that have an astringent action, making oily skin glow and look smooth. Medicinal elements also found in this bark such as copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc play an important role in cell restoration and its protection, repairing blemishes and acne, preventing facial expression lines and stimulating the generation of collagen. DIRECTIONS Cleanse face by lathering with Mimosa soap on hands before applying to face twice a day during the morning and evening. Rinse off very thoroughly with tepid water.

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