How to Pack your Beauty Products for your next Holiday Trip

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With only a few days left until Christmas and New Years, some of you may have plans to hit the roads or the lines at the airport. More than likely, you’ll be taking your beauty and makeup routine with you. But before you leave, make sure you have a plan in place for how to pack beauty products for your upcoming trip. We have a few helpful tips to make your holiday journey a little less stressful.

Make a List

Write down everything that you’ll need for your trip: sprays, lotions, perfumes, toiletries, beauty products, etc. You’ll feel good about knowing that you won’t forget anything important.

If you want, you can write down separate lists, one for your beauty products and another for your makeup.

Look at how much space you have

The T.S.A has regulations in place regarding containers. If you’re not sure about a particular product, it’s best just to check it in. The last thing you want is to re-pack at the last minute at the check-in counter.

All pieces of luggage have little nooks and crannies where you can store your items efficiently. Look for these and use them.

Use smaller plastic bags like large zip-lock bags to store your products. Keep everything separate for better organization. Place your perfume bottles in one bag and use another for your makeup kit. Also, keeping your items in smaller plastic bags will prevent them from shaking around loosely during your flight.

Use a Quality Makeup Bag

If you don’t have a makeup travel bag, it could be a good investment for your future travel plans. Having a quality makeup bag will save you lots of headaches for the next time you have to pack your beauty routine.

Many of these bags come with small compartments that allow you to make the most out of your limited space. You’ll be amazed to see how much you can fit. Also, keeping everything secure in one bag will reduce any shaking and spilling during your flight. The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at their destination only to find spilled products all over the place.

Do you have a favorite packing tip? Let us know.

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