A Guide for Guys Skin Care

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May 25, 2017
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The Simple Step by Step Skin Care Guide for Men

If you’re a man who has never established a skincare regiment, you might be thinking that this is a topic that only applies to your wife, girlfriend, or mother. The fact is that times have changed and skincare for men is not as taboo as it used to be, nor should it be.

More men are finding the time to take care of their skin and with perfectly good reason. It’s not vain, and it fits right in with other things to improve your self-image, like exercise and other healthful routines.  You are never too young or too old to get started.

It also doesn’t have to be complicated.  So, if you’re a guy who has never established a skin care routine, then we’ve made it super easy for you and laid it out in 3 steps. That’s right, only 3!

You with us? Keep reading.

Wash your face

Sounds simple enough and it is. But we’re not talking about using that same bar of soap that you use to wash the other parts of your body. Regular bar soap can contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can dry out your skin. Instead, use a gentle face cleanser or other natural organic soap.

Wash your face daily or twice daily and be sure to rinse your face with warm water, not hot. Hot water can dry out your skin. It’s also important that you wash your face after exercise or any other physical activity to remove dirt and clogged pores.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage is something that everyone — men, women, and children, need to be concerned about. If you’re a guy, you might feel like you’re invincible when you’re out playing soccer with the boys. But your skin is still exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.  Applying SPF protection before you go out in the sun and re-applying every 30 minutes after is vital.

Sunscreen protects you from premature aging by delaying wrinkles and spots.  More importantly, it protects you against the sun’s harmful rays which can lead to cancer.

Be sure to apply a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.


Moisturizing daily helps your skin retain its natural water content. Hydrated skin looks firm, younger, and more supple. Moisturizing regularly is also a great way to delay the aging process.  Keep in mind that you only need to apply a small amount of product for it to do the job. Be gentle and apply evenly in a circular motion.

You Can Do More

Of course, this is a very short list and only covers the bare essentials of what guys skin care should be. And frankly, we feel it’s enough. But feel free to step it up a notch if you want to take additional steps like using eye cream to reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes.  Men can also benefit from applying a face mask regularly.

However, following these three simple steps will do wonders for your skin and get you noticed in a good way.

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