Essential Nutrients for Skin Healing

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Skin damage can result from sunburn, aging, wounds, and from everyday exposure to our environment. As our largest organ in the body, the skin functions as our main line of defense against the elements. Consequently, it also gets exposed to toxins, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and it’s susceptible to damage from cuts and wounds. Whether it was through a sunburn or wound, all of us have sustained skin damage in one form or another. The skin naturally heals itself but sometimes the process can be excruciatingly slow. More frustrating is the fact that the skin doesn’t always heal to completion and we are left with ugly scarring. But did you know that there are three essential nutrients for skin healing?

Consumption of these nutrients offers your skin the best chance at having a speedy recovery.

TRUE Vitamin A

Yes, we did say ‘TRUE’ Vitamin A! When most people think about Vitamin A, they think of beta-carotene which is the plant source of the vitamin responsible for giving root vegetables like carrots and potatoes their hues. However, beta-carotene is only a precursor to the actual vitamin source which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Retinol is the true form of Vitamin A. Retinol prevents dryness, roughness, and scaling. You know how difficult it can be for a cut to heal during a dry skin spell. The lack of moisture delays the  healing process.

Retinol encourages cellular regeneration and your skin heals at a faster pace.

Vitamin E

Studies have revealed that free radicals are molecules that are formed in the body. They have the potential to cause damage when they accelerate and oxidize.

Vitamin E comes packed with powerful anti-oxidant capabilities that have the power to reduce damage from free radicals and fight inflammation both inside and outside the body. Vitamin E helps the skin by treating wrinkles, scars, acne and offers protection against sunburns, ultraviolet light, and smoking.

Vitamin A + Vitamin E = Anti-Oxidants

Oxidative stress is a fancy term to describe an imbalance between the accumulation of free radicals and the body’s inability to fight them. We don’t need to worry about the exact scientific terminology. However, what you must know is that oxidative stress can lead to not just premature aging but to other more serious health problems including skin cancer and arthritis. When you combine Vitamins A and E you create a very powerful anti-oxidant which keeps your skin protected against stress.

Our skin gets constantly damaged on a daily basis. There is no way to completely protect yourself 100% unless you plan to cover yourself up in some sort of space-age suit and stay indoors for the remainder of your life. Definitely not an option!

So what can we do to protect and heal our skin?

First of all, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting a steady supply of essential nutrients and vitamins through your own diet in order to promote better skin health.

Secondly, ensure that you are following a proper skincare regiment which includes vitamin A, vitamin B, and anti-oxidants.

Perform a quick audit of your skincare products by taking a look at the ingredients list and check to see if they include the essential ingredients we just covered. Consider the use of a Liposome formula which has been scientifically proven to accelerate wound healing.

Yolanda Aguilar’s Liposome formula contains the essential nutrients needed for skin healing (vitamin A, vitamin E, and anti-oxidants). It’s highly specialized in the delivery of nutrients to the lower layers of the skin. When used in combination with a Collagen product, the Liposome formula allows the lower layers of the skin to absorb and retain collagen.

It’s important to always care for our skin and make sure we are nourishing it with the right nutrients. Proper nourishment of the skin is even more important if you’re healing from specific damage like wrinkles, sunburns, or scarring. Consider implementing a Liposome formula to speed the healing process and give your skin the best chance at having a full recovery.

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