Common Skin Problems for Latina Women

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common skin problems for latina women

Latina women have certain advantages when it comes to their skin. Some of us have a naturally tan skin tone and our skin suffers less from the effects of aging. However, our skin is prone to certain issues that can only be treated with a customized skincare routine. Brands, like Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Products, offer skincare products that are designed for skin conditions found in Latinas. Below, we cover some of the most common skin problems for Latina women.

Dark Spots

Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, or better known in Spanish as manchas oscuras, are a common problem for Latina women. Hyperpigmentation is areas of the skin that are darker than the rest. They can result from scarring, sun exposure, or other skin conditions. Latinas are prone to hyperpigmentation because our skin produces more pigment when dealing with injury or trauma. Need help clearing up your dark spots?


Latina skin is delicate and is highly susceptible to scarring. If you absentmindedly scratch yourself on the face or any other body part, you may be left with an ugly scar that will remind you of that little accident for the rest of your life. Reduce the appearance of your scars.

Oily Skin

Some of us need a lot of blotting papers to soak up the oil on our skin. If we don’t have one, putting on products after a shower could leave us with skin that appears mismatched throughout the day. Our oily skin also makes us more prone to acne. Control your acne and oily skin. 

Running out of Products

Though not exactly a skin problem, we will still list it as one of the common skin problems for Latina women! If you fail to restock your favorite beauty product before the current one gets used, you risk having nothing to use, even after running around through every beauty supply store in town in search of your product! Don’t know which products are right for you? Let us help! 

Beauty is Expensive

Again, technically not a skin problem but still a big problem. Latina women pride themselves in their appearance. It has been engraved in our minds since childhood. Many of our traditions revolve around physical beauty. According to a Nielsen report, Latina women spend more money on hair, beauty, and skin products than non-Hispanic women. It’s not because we’re vainer but because not all products are suitable for our skin type. We live by trial and error when it comes to beauty care. One way to make sure you’re not running your bank account down the drain is by taking advantage of offers and specials on skincare.


Though women of all ethnicities suffer from acne, Latina women have it worse. Our skin is more susceptible to Cystic acne which goes deep into the skin and infects the deeper layers of the skin. Need an effective acne treatment?

Scaly Dry Skin in Winter

While we complain about our oily skin during the warmer months, winter welcomes us with skin that’s dry, scaly, and ashy, leaving us with patches that make us feel like just can’t get a break. Make sure your skin stays properly hydrated and nourished. 

Skin Cancer

Many Latina women make the mistake that we can’t get skin cancer because our naturally tan skin protects us from the sun. Skin cancer has been on the rise among Hispanic women. A lot of it has to do with how much time we spend under the sun. Regardless of our skin tone, it’s absolutely important to apply sunscreen every day of the year.

Finding the Perfect Concealer

Finding the perfect concealer is important for Latina women. It goes beyond finding the concealer to lead us through the year. We need one that works for winter and summer. Don’t be deceived by slogans like, “lighter skin girls will enjoy this lip color” or “this foundation will certainly fit you because you’re tan.” It doesn’t work this way. We have neutral, warm, and cool undertones as our three tops. When looking for the right concealer, look for one that will fit your undertones.

On a Positive Note

Latina woman will agree with that finding natural remedies for our skin has been our strength. From olive oil, honey, avocado, and coffee grounds to sugar, whatever is natural, we go by recipes that have been handed down to us from our grandmothers and from past generations.


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