Carrot Juice Detox

skin rejuvenation treatment plan
Plan de Tratamiento de Rejuvenecimiento Facial y Piel Yolanda Aguilar.
November 13, 2017
carrot juice detox
Desintoxicación Con Zanahoria
November 15, 2017
carrot juice detox

In order for our organs to function properly and our skin to look radiant, it’s important to keep up with its maintenance. One of those ways is to deeply cleanse our body through a special detoxification.

You can do this detox in your own home.

This detoxification consists of cleaning the body for 24 consecutive hours by drinking a glass of carrot juice followed by a glass of water every hour. It’s very important that you drink the juice and water every hour, even in the evening hours.

I recommend doing an activity at night instead of sleeping, like reading, watching TV, etc. This way you will not forget to drink the juice every hour.

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