Spa Beauty Products

Our skin care products are formulated to make your skin look younger, rejuvenated and beautiful...

Almost fifty years ago, beauty care expert Yolanda Aguilar had the vision to bring women and men a total concept of health and beauty by using the most effective treatments and finest spa skincare products. It was then that Yolanda Aguilar decided to open up her skincare institute in Los Angeles, CA.

Transformational results you can count on

While no longer in the spa business, today Yolanda Aguilar has devoted her attention to her line of spa beauty products. She continues to bring her talent, innovation, and vision to everyone else in the form of transformative skincare.

YA Beauty products are recognized as one of today's leading local skincare brands in Los Angeles, CA. Professionals and clients embrace the quality and are always impressed by the amazing results they deliver. See for yourself!

Our Skincare Products

YA Beauty products are suitable for all skin types and are made only using the most natural and non-toxic ingredients. Most notable of these ingredients is the mimosa tenuiflora plant, which contains healing and soothing properties that have tremendous positive effects for the skin, including the ability to clear acne and heal wounds.

Our core philosophy remains the same

Times have changed since Yolanda began her spa institute in 1973. However, our company's philosophy remains unchanged: beauty is an extension of one's inner and outer well-being, determined by how we look and feel.

Our goal with our beauty products is to help you achieve your vision of beauty.

And of course, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the results to make you look and feel beautiful.