Our products are formulated to make your skin look younger, rejuvenated and beautiful...

Almost fifty years ago, beauty care expert Yolanda Aguilar had a vision. A vision to bring women and men a total concept in health and beauty improvement, using the finest products and most effective treatments in skin care, body care, and weight control. It was then that the Beauty Institute was born and her skin care line became an innovative addition to the health and beauty industry.

Today, Yolanda Aguilar's philosophy remains the same, but her products continue to advance as rapidly as technology changes. Yolanda's Beauty products are recognized as of today's premiere brand deriving directly from her skin care institute in Southern California. Her reputation for innovation and personalized care has set new standards in the industry, providing a variety of products catering to all skin types. Yolanda Aguilar's line of YA Beauty Products are embraced by clients and skin care professionals alike, who are impressed by the exceptional results her face, body and skin care products offer. See for yourself!

Times have changed since Yolanda began her Institute in 1973. OUR PHILOSOPHY of Beauty is an extension of ones inner and outer well being, as demonstrated by how we look and feel. The Beauty Institute is dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced products in skin care.

With 50 years of experience in the health and beauty industry, Yolanda Aguilar and her professional staff of cosmetic professionals, estheticians, nutritionists, face and body treatment specialists, ensure that clients receive products designed to meet their personal needs and standards.

And of course, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the results to make you look and feel beautiful.